10th ISISM & 12th CISM

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10th International Seminar of Indonesian Society for Microbiology (10th ISISM) & 12th Congress Indonesian Society for Microbiology (12th CISM)

International Seminar & Congress

Microorganisms have important contributions in all aspects of human life. Indonesia is one source of microorganisms that have been explored by researchers to obtain potential microorganisms that have certain physiological characteristics, given the existing natural conditions. The role of microorganisms in human life varies, depending on their habitat. They have an important contribution in the Industrial Age 5.0 related to food, medicine, welfare, and agriculture. Enzymes, antibiotics, modified foods are some examples of the relationship between microorganisms and human life.

The 10th International Seminar of the Indonesian Society for Microbiology (ISISM) 2019 is one of the important annual meetings in this country. ISISM is a place to exchange knowledge, establish cooperation between researchers, academics, industry, and government both from domestic and abroad. We want to give the highest award for future participation in the seminars with the theme “Microorganism Contribution In Industrial 5,0 to Support Sustainable Development and Improve Human Welfare” which will be held on August 29-30th, 2019, in the Sunan Solo Hotel.

The main agenda consists of scientific presentation and discussion, exhibition, workshop, and annual meetings of the board of directors. It is hoped that this seminar will be attended by scientists, lecturers, medical doctors, practitioner, government, students, and local and international industrial sectors.

with our purposes :

  1. to disseminate the latest advancements in research, development and application of technology
  2. to strengthen networks among domestic and foreign microbiologists, technology and industries as well as the government
  3. to encourage standardization of microbiological expertise


  1. Pharmaceutical and medical microbiology
  2. Biotechnology and industrial microbiology
  3. Agriculture, livestock and veterinary microbiology
  4. Food microbiology
  5. Environmental microbiology

Target Participants

  1. Colleges (Academics)
  2. Researchers in the fields of health, agriculture, environment, food, engineering, conservation, and others
  3. Industries in the fields of health, agriculture, environment, food, and others
  4. Policy makers in the fields of health, agriculture, environment, food, engineering, conservation, and others.
  5. Scientific organizations
  6. NGO
  7. Students

More details download Leaflet: https://www.permi.or.id/downloads/Leaflet PDF 11.6.19.pdf

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