9th ISISM 2017 held in Palembang on November 14-15, 2017


Microbes are microscopic living creatures whose presence in nature holds an important role in all aspects of human life. Indonesia as a tropical country has a high diversity of different kinds of living creatures, including microbes. Indonesia is a source of microbes that much explored by researchers to obtain potential microbes that have specific physiological properties, given the existing natural conditions. Studies on the role of microbes as a processor and a producer of compounds that have economic value continues to explore the potential of microbes in addressing issues in order to increase human welfare. Research on disease -causing microbes also be improved, as well as research to find the source of chemotherapeutic compounds derived from microbes. Annual Scientific Meeting in 201 7, is one of the permanent agenda of the Indonesia n Society for Microbiology, which is held as a means to share their experiences and research results among researchers in universities, research institutions, and industry. From this meeting the expected results of the research can be widely known by the public and will take place the follow -up use of the research results, even be developed in cooperation with industry related microbes or microbial products itself.


Food, Agriculture and Forestry Microbiology  Medical Microbiology  Energy and Environmental Microbiology  Marine Microbiology  Industrial Biotechnology  Bio-refinary

 LOCATION : Hotel Horison Ultima, Palembang

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